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Reduce Auto Theft and Break-ins with These Suggestions

No matter how good your insurance is, no one wants their car to be stolen or broken into. Here are a few tips to help you protect your vehicle and possessions. Use a secure parking facility – If you have a private home with a garage, park in the garage instead of the driveway. If you live in an apartment

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Should You Get an Aftermarket Remote Car Starter?

If you are driving a vehicle that did not come with a remote car starter, you may be considering adding one. After all, this is a convenience feature that is standard on many vehicles nowadays. You may have enjoyed it on a rental car or heard your friends raving about theirs. We wanted to let you in on a few

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All the Best Car Alarm System Convenience and Security Features

Car alarm system manufacturers are adding more and more features, both to increase the security of your vehicle but also to provide you with as many comforts and conveniences as possible. What can you look for in these bundles that can be controlled from your key fob or mobile app? The Best Convenience Features: Keyless entry – This may seem

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Can You Get Your Car Back If It Is Stolen?

There was a time when reporting your car as stolen meant fighting with the insurance company to get compensation. After all, the insurance company always starts under the assumption that you are scamming them rather than there being an actual theft. However, modern car alarm systems are not only helping prevent theft, but they can also make it easier to

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Three Things to Consider When Getting a Remote Starter for Your Car

Do you want the convenience of a remote starter on your vehicle? This is an affordable aftermarket upgrade. Consider the following things before making your decision: You get the most benefits if you have a driveway, but it’s not required – Remote starters allow you to start your car while it is still locked. So even if you are in

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