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Aftermarket Car Alarms Systems Blow Factory Alarms Away

While it is true that the factory alarm system on your car will still get you a discount from your car insurance provider, you can get even more benefits from an aftermarket car alarm system. In fact, some insurance companies will increase your discount depending on the features you add to the security. Here are a few things an aftermarket

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Should You Get an Aftermarket Remote Car Starter?

If you are driving a vehicle that did not come with a remote car starter, you may be considering adding one. After all, this is a convenience feature that is standard on many vehicles nowadays. You may have enjoyed it on a rental car or heard your friends raving about theirs. We wanted to let you in on a few

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Three Things to Consider When Getting a Remote Starter for Your Car

Do you want the convenience of a remote starter on your vehicle? This is an affordable aftermarket upgrade. Consider the following things before making your decision: You get the most benefits if you have a driveway, but it’s not required – Remote starters allow you to start your car while it is still locked. So even if you are in

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Tips for Using the Remote Start Feature on Your Car Alarm System

Most modern car alarm systems also include convenience features like a remote starter. If you are looking to add a car alarm system with this feature to your vehicle, how can you ensure you are receiving the full benefits? Here are a few quick tips. Know the range – The good news is that modern car alarm systems have a

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Don’t Fall for These Remote Car Starter Myths

A remote car starter adds tons of convenience, but there are some myths that cause people to avoid aftermarket ones. Let’s debunk some of those myths to help you make an informed decision. Myth 1: Now I Have to Carry Another Key Fob – You can operate most remote starters with a phone app. Also, if you have a modern

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