Can You Get Your Car Back If It Is Stolen?

There was a time when reporting your car as stolen meant fighting with the insurance company to get compensation. After all, the insurance company always starts under the assumption that you are scamming them rather than there being an actual theft. However, modern car alarm systems are not only helping prevent theft, but they can also make it easier to prove the car was stolen and, perhaps, even possible to get the car back.

Modern car alarm systems are often equipped with GPS. This means that your car can be tracked after the theft. It is essential for the alarm system’s GPS to be separately powered. This will allow it to continue transmitting the vehicle’s location, even the alarm system was disconnected from the car battery during the theft.

The separate power supply buys you some extra time to track the vehicle. This may help the authorities to recover your vehicle. At the very least, it should provide additional evidence for the insurance company to prove that the vehicle was actually stolen. Clearly, modern car alarm systems provide much more benefit than the noisemakers of the past.

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