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A Few Car Window Tint Myths You Need to Know

If you are researching car window tinting, you need to be sure the information you are finding is accurate. To help you weed out some of the most common myths, we’re going to debunk a few for you today. Myth 1: If the local laws don’t let me use a dark tint, I won’t get any benefits – There are

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Protect Your Ride with These Safety Features

Soundiego offers a lot of great ways to upgrade your vehicle’s entertainment system. However, we also provide safety and security features. Here are a few examples of safety features that we install for clients. Car alarm systems – A car alarm system can be a major deterrent against auto theft and break-ins. Some modern aftermarket car alarm systems also have

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3 Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows (Besides It Being Cool)

Cars always look better with tinted windows. But that’s just one small reason to have aftermarket tint applied to your ride. Here are three more reasons you will want to have your vehicle’s windows tinted by a professional tint installer. Privacy – Okay, so this one is sometimes a point of contention in California since you legally can’t give yourself

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3 Reasons Rideshare Drivers Want Tinted Windows

Rideshare driving and tinted glass go hand in hand. Here are a few of the essential reasons you want to tint your car windows. Increase your safety – You spend a lot of time in your car, and you probably drive at some odd hours. Maybe you regularly find yourself on the road in the morning or evening when the

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Car Window Tint Installation – 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro

There are plenty of sites out there that can tell a person how to tint the windows in their own car, truck, or SUV. But that doesn’t mean you should go at it alone. Here are five reasons to hire a professional installer if you want your windows tinted. #1 They Know the Legal Restrictions A professional installer will know

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