Protect Your Ride with These Safety Features

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Protect Your Ride with These Safety Features

Soundiego offers a lot of great ways to upgrade your vehicle’s entertainment system. However, we also provide safety and security features. Here are a few examples of safety features that we install for clients.

  • Car alarm systems – A car alarm system can be a major deterrent against auto theft and break-ins. Some modern aftermarket car alarm systems also have fail-safes to help protect you in the event of a carjacking.
  • Window tinting – Window tinting can add privacy, especially for passengers sitting in the backseat of a vehicle. UV coatings, even clear ones, may also possibly help to reduce eyestrain while driving. This can make a huge difference on long road trips or if a daily commute always seems to happen when sun glare is at its worst.
  • Alcohol detection systems – In California, even first-time offenders often need to have an ADS installed. These devices are essentially a built-in breathalyzer for a vehicle. Failing the test locks the ignition. This protects the driver from him or herself as well as keeps the road safer for other drivers and their passengers. Soundiego is a recommended installer for both major ADS brands in California.

These are just a few of the ways that Soundiego is working to make vehicles in southern California safer.

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