Perfect custom designed and installed car entertainment package

Custom Video Installation Services in San Diego

We have all of the products you need for the perfect custom designed and installed car entertainment package. Whether you want to entertain your family, your friends, or yourself, Soundiego can help you to design the perfect custom video system to meet your entertainment needs.

Car Entertainment Packages for Families

From video and audio equipment to streaming Internet capabilities, we can help you develop a car video package with the ability to keep even the crankiest passenger pacified. Keep your children glued to the back of your headrest by putting on their favorite DVD or Blu-Ray video. Plus, turning your vehicle into an Internet hotspot can allow for streaming of your kids’ favorite shows whether you are going on a road trip or just to the store. Your custom car entertainment package may change complaints from “Are we there yet?” to “Do we have to go in right now?”

Custom Video and Audio Services

Once we have you set up with the perfect LED or 4K screens, you need perfect sound quality to complete the experience. Fortunately for you, we didn’t name ourselves Soundiego for nothing. We have all of the perfect speakers and amplifiers to round out your vehicle’s entertainment system with crystal clear sound to match the HD or UHD screens.

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Custom Video Packages

If you have something that you want to add to your custom video package, just ask, and we will work to make sure your wishes are granted. We even offer TV tuners and satellite connections so you can watch your favorite shows on the road. We stay on the cutting edge of audio and video services, so your car, truck, or SUV has every gadget you can imagine and a few bells and whistles you didn’t even know existed. If you are ready for the ultimate in-vehicle entertainment experience, call Soundiego today. Our DVD and Blu-Ray systems are second to none, and we think you’ll agree.

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