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Top Rated Car Alarms and Security Systems

From high-end car security alarm brands like Python, Clifford, Prestige, Viper, Audiovox, Carbine, Hornet, Automate, KARR, Avital, and more to custom car alarm installation, Soundiego has the equipment and installation know-how to help protect your vehicle from break-in or theft. We pride ourselves on offering the finest custom car alarm installation San Diego has to offer.

Top Rated Car Alarm for Import Tuners

When you talk import tuners, you are talking about some serious pride, not to mention serious money. That kind of vehicle deserves the best, especially when it comes to auto security systems. We can help you decide between Viper car alarms, Clifford alarms, or any other brand name car security alarm system we carry. We hope you will also trust our careful hands with your custom car alarm installation. Our decades of experience mean that you are placing your investment in the right hands.

Car Alarm and Security Features

We provide our customers with the latest in car alarm and security features including the ability to remotely lock and unlock your car or arm and disarm the security system. We also offer features such as remote starting or hot/cold starting. Features include a panic button, car finder, mute for your siren or horn, a passive mode, trunk release, turbo timer, and valet options. The most up-to-date features allow you to include a proximity alarm for when your vehicle is in a place no one else should even be near, and smartphone access so you can operate your security system in the palm of your hand at any time and from anywhere.

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Car Alarm and Security Benefits

You start benefiting right away from having a new security and alarm system installed in your vehicle. A remote starter lets your car warm up before you get in on cold mornings. Window automation means you don’t have to run back outside in the rain if a storm catches you by surprise. 2-Way garage door remotes make getting in and out of your home a breeze. A programmable voice system allows you operate features with vocal commands. Plus, you benefit from the various sensors such as proximity, digital tilt, audio glass break, and more. Battery backup, including siren, ensures that your car is always protected. Did we mention that many of our alarm systems come with a lifetime warranty? We use top brand car security systems and have a professional crew of car alarm installers who offer a personal touch. These are just a few of the reasons we know we’ll see you at Soundiego when you are ready for your car alarm installation.

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