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3 Myths About Car Window Tinting

Sometimes we hear people making comments about window tinting that we just can’t ignore. Not only are the comments untrue, but they may even turn a car owner away from taking advantage of a product that could really benefit them. Here are three myths about car window tinting that we just felt we had to correct. Myth 1 – It

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3 Car Stereo Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of information online regarding car stereo products and installation. Some of it really is expert advice. Other information is myth either based on misconceptions or perhaps on the way that older equipment used to function. Regardless, we’re going to debunk three of these myths for you so you aren’t misled into spending too much money or money

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Features You Want in Your Next Car Alarm System

Modern car alarms do a whole lot more than make an annoying sound if someone opens the door without a key. Here are some of our favorite car alarm system features. Panic Button – To defend yourself from a carjacking, some of the top alarm systems now have a panic button that will lock the ignition. You’ll still have to

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5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Stereo System for Your Boat

Summer is in full swing, and you want your boat not only to look but also to sound its best when out on the bay with your buddies. Here are 5 tips for outfitting your marine vehicle with the best audio system. Get marine equipment, not marinized equipment. Marinized equipment isn’t actually waterproof. It just means that a coating has

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Car Audio System

The factory system is never going to give you the best sound. That’s the obvious reason for upgrading your audio system. But here are 5 other benefits you may not have thought about. Make the daily commute bearable – Southern California is clogged with traffic. Make your morning commute (dare we say it?) fun by getting the best sound system

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