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Break-In Prevention for Your Vehicles

Whether you are an individual car owner or you run a business with a fleet of vehicles, prevention is clearly preferred over dealing with the aftermath of a theft or break-in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to automotive security. Basic security measures are a must – A lot of cars are broken into

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Aftermarket Car Alarms Systems Blow Factory Alarms Away

While it is true that the factory alarm system on your car will still get you a discount from your car insurance provider, you can get even more benefits from an aftermarket car alarm system. In fact, some insurance companies will increase your discount depending on the features you add to the security. Here are a few things an aftermarket

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Top Features to Protect Your Vehicle and Passengers

While Soundiego does offer the best custom stereo systems, we also do much more for our clients. Here are just a few of the features we can provide to help you keep your vehicle and your passengers safe. Window tint – This is a nice way to maintain the privacy of passengers in the backseat of your vehicle. We can

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What Can Make a Car Alarm Go Off by Mistake?

An aftermarket car alarm system can be a great aid not only in keeping your vehicle safe but also when it comes to providing some great convenience features. However, all of that goes out the window the second the alarm starts malfunctioning and making obnoxious sounds without a normal trigger. Here are a few of the possible causes of a

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The Most Sought-After Tech Upgrades for Lyft and Uber Drivers

If you are a rideshare driver, you understand just how important client experience is. Those 5-star reviews determine your success as a driver and directly contribute to your ability to make money. The right tech can both enhance the client’s experience and make your job easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of the essential upgrades you should consider. Dashboard

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