Top Features to Protect Your Vehicle and Passengers

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Top Features to Protect Your Vehicle and Passengers

While Soundiego does offer the best custom stereo systems, we also do much more for our clients. Here are just a few of the features we can provide to help you keep your vehicle and your passengers safe.

  • Window tint – This is a nice way to maintain the privacy of passengers in the backseat of your vehicle. We can also apply clear films to the front windshield that help reduce glare and eyestrain. Anytime you have to be behind the wheel for a long time or during parts of the day when the sun’s glare is at its peak, this can help you to be a safer driver.
  • ADS – An alcohol detection system may be a necessity if you’ve had even one DUI in the state of California. But this system can protect you and your passengers as well as other people on the road. You can trust Soundiego to keep it well-calibrated, so you’re not sidelined by a false positive.
  • Car security systems – An aftermarket car alarm system can keep your vehicle safe when you’re not around by providing a deterrent as well as a means of tracking the vehicle if it ever is stolen. Plus, pairing the car alarm with a dash cam can give you evidence if you are ever in an accident.

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