Aftermarket Car Alarms Systems Blow Factory Alarms Away

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Aftermarket Car Alarms Systems Blow Factory Alarms Away

While it is true that the factory alarm system on your car will still get you a discount from your car insurance provider, you can get even more benefits from an aftermarket car alarm system. In fact, some insurance companies will increase your discount depending on the features you add to the security.

Here are a few things an aftermarket alarm system can provide:

  • GPS Location – A GPS tracer with a separate power supply ensures that the authorities have a chance of recovering your vehicle if it is actually stolen.
  • Increased remote starter functionality – Many cars come with a remote starter nowadays, but the distance from which you can start the vehicle may be limited. With an aftermarket alarm system, convenience features like the remote starter can be used from half a mile away (or perhaps even further).
  • Starter kill – This is where professional installation comes into play because you want to starter kill feature to be hidden so a would-be thief doesn’t see it and cut the line. There are also modern security features that can help if you end up getting carjacked. They are designed to give you time to get to safety before stranding the thief.

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