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Sandiego's car stereo installation leader since 1991

Reasons to Trust Soundiego with Your Custom Car Stereo Installation

Soundiego is a leader in the custom car stereo industry in southern California. Why should you trust us with your custom car stereo system? Here are some of the ways we set ourselves apart. More than a quarter century of experience – We’ve been in this business a long time. Of course, we stay up to date with the latest

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Get Better Car Stereo Performance with These Tricks

Do you want crystal clear sound when listening to your music on the road? Here are three tricks for the ultimate car stereo experience: Optimizing your phone audio settings when using Bluetooth – If you are curating the playlist from your phone, your car stereo will only sound as good as what is being transmitted. So you need to be

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3 Ways to Get the Best Custom Car Stereo Components

One of the key elements to creating the perfect custom car stereo is curating the components that are going to produce the highest quality sound at the best price. Here are a few tips to help you get your money’s worth. Set your budget – This is your starting point for your custom car stereo system. Once you know how

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3 Things to Know About Car Stereo System Wiring

A custom car stereo contains many components that need to work in harmony for the best audio quality and volume. We always think about the expensive components – the head unit, speakers, amps, subs, etc. But what about the wiring? Will one of the cheapest parts of your sound system have an impact on the quality of your music? It

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How to Ensure Your Custom Car Stereo System Will Be Right for You

When planning an aftermarket car stereo system, the wattage of the speakers and the features of the head unit are the two things that people usually focus on. However, there are many other factors that are also going to contribute to your enjoyment. Here are three important factors to consider. Make sure your stereo system is properly powered – Without

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