3 Things to Know About Car Stereo System Wiring

A custom car stereo contains many components that need to work in harmony for the best audio quality and volume. We always think about the expensive components – the head unit, speakers, amps, subs, etc. But what about the wiring? Will one of the cheapest parts of your sound system have an impact on the quality of your music? It certainly will! Here are three things you should know about car stereo wiring.

  1. Quality wiring is a must – Cheap wiring could mess up the sound quality, so don’t skimp on the wiring quality. Wire gauge matters too but only in as much as using the gauge you need to support your system. Beyond that, more is just more.
  2. Don’t try to use the manufacturer’s wiring – This is a mistake that many amateurs make. The wattage of your new sound system is likely going to be much higher than the factory speakers. Therefore, you will need wiring that can handle the higher wattage. If you just use the existing wiring, you will not get the full benefit of your new speakers.
  3. Wires need to be grounded properly – Sometimes, you hear someone say that there is interference because the speaker wiring and car’s power wire are too close. However, if the wires are properly grounded, the proximity shouldn’t make a difference.

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