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3 Reasons Bluetooth Is a Must-Have for Your Car

Newer cars usually come with a Bluetooth option that allows you to connect your phone to your vehicle wirelessly. Why is this such a ubiquitous feature on modern vehicles, and why should you upgrade your connectivity if your car doesn’t have this feature? Here are three reasons that Bluetooth is a must-have for your car. Listening to music/podcasts/etc. – Bluetooth

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Why Professional Installation of Car Stereo Equipment Is a Must

Getting the most from a custom car stereo system is just as much about installation as it is about selecting the right components. Here are a few ways that you benefit in the long run when you choose professional installers to help you get the sound system of your dreams. Time Savings – There are two huge timewasters when trying

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It’s All About That Bass… But Be Safe!

Audio enthusiasts love deep-thumping bass. We feel you (and the bass)! At Soundiego, we love music almost as much as we love installing the top stereo equipment in the cars of our clients. But we also love our clients and want you to stay safe. Here are a few ways to know you may need to turn the bass down

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Get Better Car Stereo Performance with These Tricks

Do you want crystal clear sound when listening to your music on the road? Here are three tricks for the ultimate car stereo experience: Optimizing your phone audio settings when using Bluetooth – If you are curating the playlist from your phone, your car stereo will only sound as good as what is being transmitted. So you need to be

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What Are Amps and What Makes them a Crucial Car Stereo Component?

An amp, or amplifier, is a vital component of any custom car stereo system. What do they do that is so vital, and how can you choose the right one for your sound system? Here are a few things you should know. What Is an Amp? Amplifiers minimize the amount of power your sound system needs in order to produce

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