Alcohol Detection System

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Top Features to Protect Your Vehicle and Passengers

While Soundiego does offer the best custom stereo systems, we also do much more for our clients. Here are just a few of the features we can provide to help you keep your vehicle and your passengers safe. Window tint – This is a nice way to maintain the privacy of passengers in the backseat of your vehicle. We can

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Don’t Get Sidelined By These Alcohol Detection System Mistakes

It only takes one offense in California to end up having a court-appointed alcohol detection system connected to your vehicle. If you are living with one of these devices, you need to know how to avoid setting it off by accident. You don’t want to be late for work just because the device made a mistake. Here are a few

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Protect Your Ride with These Safety Features

Soundiego offers a lot of great ways to upgrade your vehicle’s entertainment system. However, we also provide safety and security features. Here are a few examples of safety features that we install for clients. Car alarm systems – A car alarm system can be a major deterrent against auto theft and break-ins. Some modern aftermarket car alarm systems also have

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Avoiding False Positives on an Alcohol Detection System

Did you know that just one DUI offense can land you having to breathe into an alcohol detection system in order to start your vehicle in the state of California? As a recommended installer by both authorized alcohol detection system companies in the state, Soundiego is in a unique position to help you not just have your device installed and

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Don’t Let False Positives on an ADS Keep You Off the Road

California requires an alcohol detection system (ADS) for anyone convicted of a DUI. The ADS is a way to check your BAC before you drive. It won’t allow the car to start if your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit. If you are dealing with an ADS while trying to live down a past infraction, you will want

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