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Break-In Prevention for Your Vehicles

Whether you are an individual car owner or you run a business with a fleet of vehicles, prevention is clearly preferred over dealing with the aftermath of a theft or break-in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to automotive security. Basic security measures are a must – A lot of cars are broken into

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The Top Features to Look for in a Car Alarm System in 2023

Car alarm manufacturers are always upgrading their systems with modern technology to add better safety and convenience features. Here are a few factors to consider if you plan on getting an aftermarket car security system in 2023. Sensors – This comes down to how sensitive you want the system to be. If someone smashes a window or opens the lock

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Prevention Is the Best Medicine When It Comes to Car Theft

We all know that it is always better to prevent a break-in or a theft than to have to try and recover a vehicle or deal with the damage. That’s why we want to provide this list of ways to prevent vehicle thefts and break-ins. Parking spots matter – Obviously, parking in a garage is safer than parking on the

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The Best Features for a Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

If you operate a fleet of delivery vehicles in southern California, Soundiego can help you upgrade the fleet with features that can protect your vehicles, drivers, and client loads. Here are just a few upgrades that we recommend for all delivery fleet vehicles. In-dash GPS – Sure, every one of your drivers has a GPS on their phone. But you

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Features You Want and Need from Your Car Alarm System

Modern aftermarket car alarm systems can both provide you with the security features you need as well as the convenience features you want. Here are some of our favorite features to look for in a car security system. In fact, some will offer both security and convenience features. Remote start – Being able to start your car from a distance

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