Prevention Is the Best Medicine When It Comes to Car Theft

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Prevention Is the Best Medicine When It Comes to Car Theft

We all know that it is always better to prevent a break-in or a theft than to have to try and recover a vehicle or deal with the damage. That’s why we want to provide this list of ways to prevent vehicle thefts and break-ins.

  • Parking spots matter – Obviously, parking in a garage is safer than parking on the street. But if you have to park on the street, try to get a spot near security lighting. Thieves prefer to work under cover of darkness.
  • Lock your doors and raise your windows – You don’t want to give thieves the idea that they can get away with something quickly. Many are opportunists who will take advantage of a window that is already down with no one around. But some will also check the door to see if it’s unlocked. If it is, they’ll check places like the center console and glove box for valuables.
  • Get an aftermarket car alarm system – Just seeing an indication that you have a car alarm system installed may turn a criminal off from messing with your vehicle. But in the event they do try it, modern car alarm systems can alert you, kill the engine, or even help law enforcement recover the vehicle using GPS tracking.

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