Features You Want and Need from Your Car Alarm System

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Features You Want and Need from Your Car Alarm System

Modern aftermarket car alarm systems can both provide you with the security features you need as well as the convenience features you want. Here are some of our favorite features to look for in a car security system. In fact, some will offer both security and convenience features.

  • Remote start – Being able to start your car from a distance can help you to cool it down or heat it up before you get in. However, it can also have your car ready to go in an emergency situation.
  • Dashcam – A dashcam can help to protect you legally if your vehicle is ever in an accident or even if you experience an altercation near your vehicle. Recorded evidence may be just what you need to receive justice.
  • GPS tracking – If your car is ever stolen, you may be able to recover it thanks to GPS tracking. At the very least, it can help show your insurance company what happened so you can receive the insurance money sooner.
  • Find my car – Never lose your car in the lot again (and you won’t have to hit the panic button).
  • Ignition kill – What’s better than a car alarm that makes noise? One that can kill the ignition, so the thief isn’t going anywhere!

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