The Best Features for a Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

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The Best Features for a Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

If you operate a fleet of delivery vehicles in southern California, Soundiego can help you upgrade the fleet with features that can protect your vehicles, drivers, and client loads. Here are just a few upgrades that we recommend for all delivery fleet vehicles.

  • In-dash GPS – Sure, every one of your drivers has a GPS on their phone. But you don’t want a driver looking down at a phone and risking their own safety, not to mention the vehicle and the delivery. In-dash GPS and audio connected to the vehicle’s speakers can make it safer for your drivers to reach their destination.
  • Viper SmartStart GPS Module – This is different from the GPS your driver uses to get to the right location. The Viper system allows you to track the fleet from a central location. This allows a dispatcher to provide up-to-the-minute info to drivers, so they can be redirected before the in-dash GPS even realizes there is traffic ahead. You can also track safe driving behavior, such as the speed at which your fleet vehicles are moving.
  • Window Film – While you may not be able to tint the front windows very dark, you can still have clear films applied that reduce glare and eye strain, thus making it safer for your drivers.

Fleet Vehicle Upgrades in San Diego

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