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Priorities When Shopping for Car Stereo Speakers

Is it time to upgrade the factory stereo system in your car? Of course, you will want to replace the head unit and purchase the right amps and power supply. However, one of the most critical elements of your new sound system will be the speakers, and that is what we want to focus on today. Here are a few

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Equip Your Car for Better Food Delivery Service

With so many out of work and restaurants closed down for dine-in customers, some have turned to working for one of the many food delivery services that are still in operation. Perhaps this is the case for you. Maybe, you are even finding that you enjoy this type of work and intend to keep doing it even after the COVID-19

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Getting the Most Thumping Bass for Your Car Stereo System

One of the key components of a new car audio system is the subwoofer. It is an instant way to alter the sound and improve a factory system. However, if you don’t do it right, you could be spending a ton of money on a sub that doesn’t perform the way that you intended. Here are a few tips to

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Updating a Boring Factory Car Stereo System

If you want to take an outdated or boring factory stereo system and upgrade it, we’ve got a few tips. Here are the best ways to ensure that your new car stereo system will be the sound system you’ve always dreamed about. Set the budget first – Knowing your budget will allow you to spend your money in the right

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Tips for Custom Stereo Installation

Having a great custom stereo system in your car is about more than just buying the right speakers, amps, and head unit. There are a lot of details that detract from the overall experience if they are not handled properly. Here are a few custom stereo installation tips from the pros. Create custom speaker housings – You don’t want speakers

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