Tips for Wiring a Custom Car Stereo System

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Tips for Wiring a Custom Car Stereo System

The number one tip we have for anyone who wants a custom car stereo system is to find a professional to install it for you. Here are a few things about wiring a custom system that an experienced professional will understand.

  • Gauge – If the wiring isn’t the right gauge, you simply won’t get any sound. However, beyond that limit, more is just more. So a professional can help you to select the right grade of wire that will handle your system’s needs without wasting part of your budget.
  • Quality – The wiring used is also essential if you want to receive the optimal output from your speakers. It would be a real shame to spend a bunch of money on top-quality speakers and then not get the full impact because of inferior wiring.
  • Installation – Poor installation can lead to the wiring being visible. Not only does this look sloppy, but it can also be a trip hazard for people getting in and out of your car. Plus, if someone does catch a foot on exposed wiring, it can unplug something and require extra work to get your system wired up again. It’s better just to have the wiring installed properly the first time.

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