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Getting Your Car Windows Tinted in Winter Is Always a Good Idea

We often think about tinting car windows when the sun is shining in the summertime. However, winter is also a great time of year for car window tinting. Why? Here are a few reasons to get your car windows tinted this winter. Better visibility – Driving conditions are often more dangerous in the winter, even if you live in an

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Getting Your Car Windows Tinted Properly the First Time

Tinting car windows isn’t difficult. It just requires high-quality tint, experience, and professional equipment to ensure that the job is done right the first time. That’s why it makes sense to bring your car to a professional installer. You avoid the headaches of purple or bubbling tint, as well as other issues that can occur if an inferior tint is

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Don’t Fall for These Misleading Car Window Tint Statements

Have you been considering window tint for your car but are a little gun-shy because of things people have said when you bring up the idea? If you have heard some of these statements about car window tint, don’t let them dissuade you. These are all myths! Aftermarket tint never looks as good – This is not true for two

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Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best Car Window Tint

You need to combine professional installation with top quality tint if you are going to be happy with the end result of tinting your car windows. Here are three tips from the experts that explain why finding a professional installer is a must. Every state has its own laws – The good news is that states respect each other’s laws,

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Four Tips for Better Car Window Tint Installation

Adding window tint can upgrade the appearance and function of your vehicle. It can protect the interior of your car so that it maintains value longer. It can also make it easier to keep the inside of your car cool and offers some additional privacy for your passengers. But how can you make sure your tint meets those needs? Here

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