It’s All About That Bass… But Be Safe!

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It’s All About That Bass… But Be Safe!

Audio enthusiasts love deep-thumping bass. We feel you (and the bass)! At Soundiego, we love music almost as much as we love installing the top stereo equipment in the cars of our clients. But we also love our clients and want you to stay safe. Here are a few ways to know you may need to turn the bass down a little.

  • The thumping doesn’t feel good – Your bass should be producing a satisfying thump that you can feel. But if you’re stomach, teeth, or any other part of your body is telling you that it’s too much – listen. Your bass thump should never cause discomfort.
  • You’re starting to experience hearing problems – Is it growing increasingly difficult to hear what your friends are saying when there is background noise – for example, in a restaurant? It may be time to get your hearing checked and reduce the bass a little. You want to stay ahead of hearing problems.
  • The sound changes over time – As you drive, do you ever notice that the bass seems to get louder or quieter without you adjusting the dials? That means you have it cranked up too high for the space you are in. The sound waves are actually bouncing around and hitting each other. The impact can be a build-up of noise or actually a dampening of sound as the waves cancel each other. You just have it up too loud for the space you’re in.

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