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ADS/IID Installation and Calibration in Southern California

It only takes one DUI to have your driver’s license revoked in California, especially if you won’t submit to the breathalyzer or if the BAC that you blow is very high. Additionally, you may be required to have a device installed in your vehicle that won’t let your start your car unless you can prove your BAC is under the

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Four Things That Can Result in a False Positive on Your Alcohol Detection System

An alcohol detection system (ADS) is required by the court system in California if you want to get behind the wheel again after receiving a DUI. These systems check to ensure your blood alcohol levels are within the legal limits before you can drive. You certainly don’t want to get another DUI, which can lead to large fines and even

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What Is an Alcohol Detection System (ADS)?

According to California law, a person can have their driver’s license taken away from a first offense DUI if you refuse a breath test or have BAC that is too high. If you are driving a commercial vehicle, the limit that results in revocation is half the amount of a person for a noncommercial vehicle. Another effect of getting a

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