What Can Make a Car Alarm Go Off by Mistake?

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What Can Make a Car Alarm Go Off by Mistake?

An aftermarket car alarm system can be a great aid not only in keeping your vehicle safe but also when it comes to providing some great convenience features. However, all of that goes out the window the second the alarm starts malfunctioning and making obnoxious sounds without a normal trigger. Here are a few of the possible causes of a car alarm that won’t stop going off.

  • Key fob issues – If the battery is running low or there is another problem with the key fob itself, the alarm may be trying to let you know.
  • The alarm battery backup is low – The battery backup is how your alarm system will keep the vehicle trackable if it ever is stolen. If the alarm is trying to tell you the battery is low, this is something that needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Damaged battery terminals – Of course, the battery backup may be just fine. It could be the main power source, your car’s battery, that is causing the issue. Dirty or damaged battery terminals could confuse the alarm into thinking the power is being cut.
  • Additional issues – Other problems may include overly sensitive or improperly calibrated sensors, wiring issues, or a malfunctioning lock.

The Best Car Alarm Systems, Properly Installed

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