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Quick Tips for a Better Car Audio System

Whether you are new to the world of car audio systems or you have been driving around in vehicles with enhanced stereo systems for years, these are a few quick tips that may help you with your next project. The right speakers are more important than the number of speakers – If you just think putting 20 speakers in your

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How to Shop for a Modern Car Alarm System

Modern car alarm systems are about so much more than just making noise when someone opens the door without the key. You can get a lot of great features that protect your vehicle and provide you with increased peace of mind. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a car alarm. GPS – Make sure the

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How to Protect Your Car When Parking in Public

From lots and garages to street parking, there are plenty of places to leave your vehicle when you are out and about in the San Diego area. However, one of the things we all have in common is that no one wants to find their car broken into or, worse yet, missing. Here are a few ways to protect your

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Misconceptions About Tinting Car Windows

Getting your car windows tinted it a great way to combine style and functionality. However, not everyone understands the value of tinted windows, and this has led to a glut of misinformation. Here are some of the worst car window tint myths. Myth 1 – You Can Always Tell When Tint Is Aftermarket First of all, not if it is

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Custom Stereo Installation Is About the Details

The details can be what makes the difference between expensive upgrades that just make music louder versus an affordable stereo system that creates a great audio experience while you drive. One of the big mistakes that people make when upgrading their stereo system is not paying enough attention to the wiring and speaker housings. Here are a few things to

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