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Car Alarm Sales and Installation for Your Vehicle Fleet

If you operate a fleet of vehicles in southern California, you want to protect your investment. Whether you have a fleet of delivery vehicles that are presently working overtime or you have a fleet of car service vehicles that are sitting on the lot until the pandemic is over, you need the safety advantages of modern car alarm systems. Here

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Best Practices for Car Break-In Prevention

No one wants to leave their home expecting to go somewhere only to find that their car has been stolen or broken into. How can you protect your vehicle and limit the risk of break-ins or theft? Here are a few quick safety tips. Keep it locked – Leaving your car unlocked is just inviting an opportunity to try and

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Features to Look for When Shopping for a Car Alarm System

In the past, you may have shied away from getting a car alarm. In reality, all they ever really did was make a lot of noise while someone was stealing your car anyway. Unless, of course, you dropped hundreds of dollars on the most modern and technological versions. However, car alarm systems are now more affordable and packed with greater

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Keeping Your Car Safe from Criminals

According to some reports, crime rates across the US are down due to the spread of coronavirus. Either criminals are worried about catching the disease or worried about getting caught because there are fewer people out and about for valid reasons. Regardless of the reason, you don’t want to let your guard down when it comes to your car. You

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Keep Your Fleet of Vehicles Safe and Secure with These Tips

Whether your fleet of vehicles is used to transport passengers or deliver products, you want to keep drivers, passengers, and vehicles safe and secure. Here are a few tips to upgrade your vehicles the right way so that you meet these crucial goals. Install speakers for clear audio – Some speakers are all about thumping bass, and then there are

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