All the Best Car Alarm System Convenience and Security Features

Car alarm system manufacturers are adding more and more features, both to increase the security of your vehicle but also to provide you with as many comforts and conveniences as possible. What can you look for in these bundles that can be controlled from your key fob or mobile app?

The Best Convenience Features:

  • Keyless entry – This may seem like a pretty basic feature, but one touch to lock and unlock your car and arm or disarm the alarm is a must-have.
  • Trunk latch release – Never put down your groceries to get the trunk open again.
  • Remote starter – It’s really convenient to able to start your car using your alarm system app. You may be able to change the thermostat, put on your heated seats, or adjust other settings to have the car all ready for you.
  • Find my car – You’ll never have to play that game where you make the horn honk to find your car in a parking lot.

The Best Security Features:

  • Remote window roll-up – This also functions as a convenience feature when it starts to rain, and you know you left a window cracked.
  • Immobilization – Making noise is great, but killing the ignition when the alarm is tripped is even better.
  • Code randomizer – Thieves are getting more high-tech, but so are alarm systems. Randomization can stop a criminal from hacking the frequency.

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