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Have You Made These Car Alarm System Blunders?

When it comes to having a car alarm system, people seem to make the same errors over and over again. How can you avoid making these mistakes? Here are three common car alarm system blunders for you to avoid. Never installing a car alarm – There are so many reasons to get a car alarm system and so few to

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5 Tips to Protect Your Car From Theft or Break-Ins

No one wants to exit their home, workplace, or a store to find that their car has been broken into, or worse – it is just plain gone! These five tips are your best defense against auto theft and break-ins. Park in your garage – Theis provides an extra layer of defense for your vehicle. If you have a garage,

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Security and Convenience Features of Modern Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm systems are growing increasingly complex as manufacturers compete to include the most functional features to offer a perfect blend of security and convenience. Here are some of our favorite features that you can find on various car alarm models. Security Features: Alarm – This is the most longstanding feature of car alarms. They make noise to attract attention

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Is It Possible to Track a Stolen Car?

In the past, once a car was reported stolen to the police, it was pretty much gone for good. At best, they might be able to find pieces of it. Your insurance company wouldn’t be too happy, and it could be a fight to get your money, especially since they automatically view you as the number one suspect. However, in

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What’s the Difference Between Factory and Aftermarket Car Alarms?

You may not see the need to get an aftermarket car alarm system if your vehicle came with a factory system. However, there are stark differences, and you are likely to benefit significantly from an upgrade. So let’s compare factory and aftermarket car alarm systems to see if this is a suitable vehicle upgrade for you. Factory car alarm features

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