What’s the Difference Between Factory and Aftermarket Car Alarms?

You may not see the need to get an aftermarket car alarm system if your vehicle came with a factory system. However, there are stark differences, and you are likely to benefit significantly from an upgrade. So let’s compare factory and aftermarket car alarm systems to see if this is a suitable vehicle upgrade for you.

  • Factory car alarm features – In the past, a factory system was basically a noisemaker that went off if someone broke into your car (or sometimes when you try to get in). While this feature is still in place, most vehicles also offer keyless entry. Basically, you get a key fob that lets you lock and unlock your doors while arming and disarming the alarm system.
  • Aftermarket car alarm features – Besides a superior alarm system and key fob, there are lots of additional features to love in an aftermarket car security system. For example, impact detection provides a warning to anyone who bumps your vehicle, and you can get an alert as well. Most modern models will have a remote starter. Upgraded alarm systems are much more of a theft deterrent. Plus, many have a 2-way LCD remote or an app that allows you to use your phone to get instant alerts that let you know why your alarm was triggered.

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