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3 Mistakes People Make Regarding Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm systems are an essential way to protect your motor vehicle from break-in or theft. Besides the deterrent factor, modern car alarm systems may even help the authorities to recover your vehicle if it ever does get stolen. However, many car owners make common mistakes when it comes to car alarm systems. Here are three things for you to

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Don’t Miss Out on the Beneficial Features of Modern Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm systems have come a long way from just being noisemakers that would go off when someone opens your car door without the key. Now there are all sorts of beneficial features to choose from. Here are a few ideas, so you know what to look for in an alarm system. Sensors – Rather than just having the alarm

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Don’t Let a Common Thief Steal or Trash Your Ride

You’ve worked hard to get the car you love with all of the right modifications. Now, you’ve got to protect it from thieves and opportunists who might steal or vandalize your vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you keep your car as safe as possible from criminal activity. Keep the doors and windows closed/locked – When you’re not

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Car Alarm Sales and Installation for Your Vehicle Fleet

If you operate a fleet of vehicles in southern California, you want to protect your investment. Whether you have a fleet of delivery vehicles that are presently working overtime or you have a fleet of car service vehicles that are sitting on the lot until the pandemic is over, you need the safety advantages of modern car alarm systems. Here

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Best Practices for Car Break-In Prevention

No one wants to leave their home expecting to go somewhere only to find that their car has been stolen or broken into. How can you protect your vehicle and limit the risk of break-ins or theft? Here are a few quick safety tips. Keep it locked – Leaving your car unlocked is just inviting an opportunity to try and

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