Car Alarm Sales and Installation for Your Vehicle Fleet

If you operate a fleet of vehicles in southern California, you want to protect your investment. Whether you have a fleet of delivery vehicles that are presently working overtime or you have a fleet of car service vehicles that are sitting on the lot until the pandemic is over, you need the safety advantages of modern car alarm systems.

Here are some of the features that are offered by modern car alarm systems:

  • Keyless entry
  • Shock and tilt sensors
  • Multi-tone sirens – more decibels to attract attention and scare away criminals
  • GPS – if one of your vehicles is stolen, you can locate it from your smartphone and alert the authorities
  • Remote start – add convenience to your security
  • Lock your doors remotely – possibly from a mile or more away
  • Check your alarm system status remotely
  • Get real-time alerts on your smartphone
  • Monitor your entire fleet from one account login
  • Get turn by turn directions for your drivers

As you can see, these are great features for protecting individual vehicles. However, there are many modern benefits for providing fleet security, and there are additional features that can add convenience and safety for your drivers.

Car Security Experts in San Diego, California

Soundiego has the car alarm sales and installation experts to help keep your fleet safe and secure. To learn more, contact our professional team today at 619.682.5577. You can also reach us by requesting a quote from our website. We look forward to helping you protect your fleet of vehicles.

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