Best Practices for Car Break-In Prevention

No one wants to leave their home expecting to go somewhere only to find that their car has been stolen or broken into. How can you protect your vehicle and limit the risk of break-ins or theft? Here are a few quick safety tips.

  • Keep it locked – Leaving your car unlocked is just inviting an opportunity to try and take something. Thieves may walk down a street or through a parking lot trying car doors to find one that is unlocked so they can search for something of value.
  • No visible valuables – Don’t leave anything of value visible in your car. If there is a backpack on the seat, someone may smash the window to get it. The thief doesn’t know if there is anything of value in the bag, but it is just tempting enough to make it worth a smash and grab. Better to keep anything that could even potentially appear valuable out of sight.
  • Modern car alarm system – A modern car alarm system can be a good deterrent. It may also help the authorities to recover your vehicle if it ever is stolen. Plus, there are many modern amenities that come along with car alarm systems now, including things like a remote starter or proximity sensors.

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