Don’t Let a Common Thief Steal or Trash Your Ride

You’ve worked hard to get the car you love with all of the right modifications. Now, you’ve got to protect it from thieves and opportunists who might steal or vandalize your vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you keep your car as safe as possible from criminal activity.

  • Keep the doors and windows closed/locked – When you’re not in the vehicle, everything should be shut up tight. Open windows are an invitation to criminals. And opportunists may check doors to see if they can find an unlocked car to search the inside for valuables.
  • No visible valuables – Even if everything is locked and closed, you still can’t leave anything that looks valuable in plain sight. A thief may decide it is worth the risk to smash the window and grab whatever they see. You may know that backpack on the passenger seat is empty, but the crook doesn’t.
  • Get a car alarm as a deterrent – Modern car alarm systems do much more than just make noise if someone breaks in. They can give warnings even to those who try the handle or just get too close. Plus, you can get an immediate alert and even start cameras on the car recording.

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