Is It Possible to Track a Stolen Car?

In the past, once a car was reported stolen to the police, it was pretty much gone for good. At best, they might be able to find pieces of it. Your insurance company wouldn’t be too happy, and it could be a fight to get your money, especially since they automatically view you as the number one suspect. However, in modern times, it is possible to track a stolen car if you have the right equipment installed.

A GPS can allow you to direct the police right to your vehicle. While this will not take the place of filling out a police report, it does significantly increase the chances of recovering your car and catching the thieves.

Of course, your GPS will require power in order to operate. A seasoned thief may look for a GPS and cut the wire that connects it to the vehicle’s battery. That is why many car alarm systems now include a GPS with a battery backup. Even if the power cord is cut, an internal battery still allows it to send a signal that you can track with a mobile app.

So while car alarm systems used to be all about keeping your car from being stolen, some also now help with recovery.

Choosing the Right Car Alarm System for You in San Diego

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