Security and Convenience Features of Modern Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm systems are growing increasingly complex as manufacturers compete to include the most functional features to offer a perfect blend of security and convenience. Here are some of our favorite features that you can find on various car alarm models.

Security Features:

  • Alarm – This is the most longstanding feature of car alarms. They make noise to attract attention and scare away thieves.
  • Immobilization – Some car alarms will lock the ignition once the alarm is tripped, making it impossible to get away in the car.
  • Code randomization – If someone tries to hack the frequency, it will be more difficult if you have an alarm that uses modern tech to avoid being opened with someone else’s key fob.
  • Window roll-up – Some alarm systems will automatically roll up your windows, so you never accidentally leave them down again.

Convenience Features:

  • Keyless entry – Get easy access to your car and set the alarm simply.
  • Remote starter – Start your car and have it warm or cool before you get in.
  • Trunk release – Get into the trunk without having to put down your groceries.
  • Find my car – Never lose your car in the parking lot again! Additionally, if your car is ever stolen, GPS can help the authorities to locate it.

Car Alarm Sales and Installation in San Diego

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