LED Headlights Are the Eco-Friendly Solution

If you’re drinking through paper straws to try and save the planet but haven’t switched to LED headlights yet, we’re about to give you a crash course in why LEDs are superior for earth-friendly lighting.

  • Reduce waste – Light bulbs blow out after a certain number of hours of use. If you are using cheap bulbs with a filament inside, you are changing your headlights way too often and adding to the number of bulbs piling up in landfills. LED headlamps can last 45,000 hours. You may never have to replace your bulbs.
  • No toxins – Some bulbs use toxic chemicals, and many people don’t know the proper way to dispose of them, so they may just throw an old bulb in the regular trash, toxins and all. LEDs are safe for the environment.
  • Reduced energy use – LEDs use less energy than any other bulb type. This reduces the strain on your car battery. Remember that a dead car battery produces toxic waste and the emissions for new battery products, so the longer you can preserve your battery through less strain, the better.

With all of the advantages LEDs headlights have for the environment – not to mention the benefits for your time and bank account – every vehicle on the road should be making the switch.

LED Headlight Sales and Installation in Southern California

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