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Safety and Environmental Benefits of Switching to LED Headlights

There are plenty of benefits to switching to LED headlights on your car. Most of them fall into one of two categories, either safety or environmental. Here are the reasons to upgrade your headlights today. LED Environmental Benefits LEDs are an environmentally friendly lightbulb. First of all, they don’t consume as much energy. That’s good for your car battery. Also,

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LED Headlight Safety Tips for Night Driving

Switching to LED headlights is a great way to improve your visibility without making things bad for drivers who are coming in the other direction. However, there are a few things that you can do as a driver to improve safety while behind the wheel at night. Here are some tips for driving safely after the sun goes down. Make

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Upgrade to LED Lighting for Safer Nighttime Driving

Driving at night can be a dangerous activity in San Diego. In 2014 alone, 867 motorists were killed or injured in collisions that took place after dark. How can you protect yourself, gain more visibility and make it easier for other drivers to see you? LED lighting can help. Safety Benefits of Switching to LEDs A correctly installed LED headlight

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3 Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lighting in Your Car’s Interior

You’ve heard about all of the benefits of upgrading to LED bulbs in your home. Why should you trade out the interior lighting on your car for LED upgrades as well? Here are three reasons that you want LED lighting for the interior of your vehicle. #1 Brighter, Cleaner Light LEDs cannot be matched for the clean, white light they

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3 Hot Upgrades for Your Vehicle

If you want to take your car from boring to awesome in a hurry, you’re going to want to take a look at our list of three of the hottest vehicle upgrades. These are sure to boost your ride’s style as well as your driving experience. #1 Audio and Video Entertainment Systems From loud and crystal-clear sound to overhead displays

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