4 Key Elements of a Car Video Entertainment System

Building an auto entertainment system involves a number of key elements. We expect our vehicles today to have all of the modern tech conveniences of home. While some of these conveniences only benefit passengers, perhaps a future filled with driverless cars will make the interior of a vehicle more like a living room. For now, here are 4 key elements of a car video entertainment system.

  1. Custom Audio System – Your car needs to sound good. Whether you are watching a movie or a YouTube video, the driver only gets to enjoy one part of it, and that is the sound. The right speakers and amps can create a great experience for everyone.
  2. Input Options – This used to mean DVD or Blu-ray players. Now video files are often digital as well, so you need the right inputs to play HD video from a phone or tablet.
  3. Touch Screens – Whether they are embedded in headrests or mounted to the back of the seat, your screens are an important element of your entertainment system. Thanks to tablets, we’re used to everything being a touchscreen. In fact, many car owners choose to use tablets as the screens in their vehicle.
  4. Custom Video Installation – In order to integrate your video system seamlessly, you may need custom installation. This helps your entertainment system to appear as though it comes straight out of the factory rather than looking like a DIY

Soundiego: The Leader in Car Audio and Video Entertainment Systems

If you live in or near the San Diego area, you’re in luck. Soundiego has been the area’s custom car audio installer for over two decades, and we’ve kept up with the times to offer the latest in video upgrades for vehicles. To learn more, give us a call today at 619-582-5577, or you can request a quote online from our website.

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