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Entertainment & Convenience Features to Enhance Your Driving Experience

Soundiego has a premium sales and installation team for vehicle upgrades in the San Diego area. From being an authorized distributor to having decades of installation experience on the team, we can help you to get the entertainment and convenience features you want to have added to any sort of vehicle. Here are a few features that can give your

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Vehicle Tips for Your Autumn Road Trip

An autumn road trip can be a great way to experience nature without the heat of summer. Perhaps you will travel to a location where you will enjoy the signature colors of the season as the leaves change or even the signature flavors of the season as pumpkins and other foods become more widely available. Here are a few tips

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Car Audio and Video Systems: True or False Quiz

How much do you know about car audio systems? Our quick quiz will help to confirm some truths and dispel some myths that surround car audio and video systems. See how many you already know the answer to. LED Screens Are Better for Car Entertainment Systems than LCD Screens True. First of all, LEDs use a lot less power, so

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4 Key Elements of a Car Video Entertainment System

Building an auto entertainment system involves a number of key elements. We expect our vehicles today to have all of the modern tech conveniences of home. While some of these conveniences only benefit passengers, perhaps a future filled with driverless cars will make the interior of a vehicle more like a living room. For now, here are 4 key elements

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