Why Smartphone Integration Is a Must for Car Stereo Systems

Smartphones have become a part of daily life. Some of us don’t know how we ever got along without them, and others of us have been raised with one in our hand. However, driving a vehicle requires more focus than smartphones allow for, and that is why states have varying laws about smartphone use. Here are some of the ways you will want your smartphone integrated into your car stereo system.

  • Displaying GPS on the dashboard – You don’t want to have to look down at your phone to see where you are going, but the directions alone are never really good enough. Sure, you could get one of those dashboard attachments that hold your phone, but those often pop off at the worst possible moment. It’s much better to be able to plug in your phone and display the GPS on the dash so you can glance at it quickly.
  • Playing your music – Bluetooth (or even a USB connection) can allow you to curate your own driving playlist from your phone. Just be sure to let your passenger make any changes unless you also have hand controls on the steering wheel.
  • Making hands-free calls – Bluetooth integration can allow you to answer and even make calls in a safer (and legal) manner while driving.

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