Why Do My Car Speakers Sound So Bad?

Is your factory stereo system in your car starting to sound worse and worse? It’s probably a good time to upgrade your car stereo system.

Whether the sound is distorted, the speakers are cutting out intermittently, or certain speakers are no longer working at all, there are usually a few factors in play. Here are the most likely things that have gone wrong if the speakers in your car don’t sound as good as they used to.

  • You’ve been cranking up the bass – You can’t do this on a factory system. All that does is destroy the speakers. If you hear a lot of distortion when you turn up your volume, you probably have too much bass flowing for factory speakers and they just can’t handle it. Before long, you’ll have a perpetual rattle.
  • Environmental issues – We’re not talking about climate change. We mean the sun is beating directly on your speakers through your car windows. This often happens if the speakers are visible through the rear windshield and there is no tint to stop the sun from pounding on those sensitive cones.
  • A channel has gone bad on the factory amp – If you have lost the sound in one particular speaker or if the sound keeps cutting in and out, this is probably what happened.

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