What Is the Difference Between a Receiver and a Head Unit?

A couple of words that you are going to hear tossed around when you want to upgrade your car stereo system are “receiver” and “head unit”. We will discuss the difference so you can make an informed decision about the components of your car stereo.

  • Head unit – This is the control unit of your car stereo system. It is located in the dashboard, and it allows you to control your stereo.
  • Receiver – This is actually a type of head unit. The amplifier is built-in, which makes it preferable for many buyers. Even within this category of head unit, there can be a great degree of variance. For example, some receivers just look like an ordinary head unit and the only difference is the amplifier. Other receivers may include a visual display that allows for in-dash GPS. So the type of receiver you will want depends on the features that you require.

With these factors in mind, it is time to head to a distributor and installer to pick out your head unit (whether you go with a built-in amplifier or not). Then you can ensure that the head unit you select is the genuine article and will be installed to factory standards.

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