Top Tips to Protect Your Motor Vehicle from Theft and Break-Ins

You come out of the store knowing exactly where you parked your car and you see that the window is smashed, or worse, your car isn’t there at all. Having your car broken into or stolen can be like a surreal nightmare. How can you prevent yourself from having to deal with this situation? Here are a few tips to improve your chances of warding off thieves.

  • Don’t leave valuables visible – In fact, don’t leave anything that looks valuable visible, even if it isn’t. You may know that you took everything worth money out of your backpack, but a passing criminal may see a backpack on your seat and think it’s worth a smash and grab.
  • Lock everything – Even if you are planning on being back in just a couple of minutes, lock your doors, roll up the windows, close the sunroof, and just make your car as difficult to get into as you possibly can. Never leave the car running when you are not inside it.
  • Get a car alarm system – Modern car alarm systems do more than just make noise when someone breaks into your vehicle. Some have proximity sensors, cameras, GPS tracking, ignition lock, and other features that make sure your car stays put and a criminal has to go somewhere else for a score.

Car Alarm Sales and Installation in San Diego

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