The Best Tips for Improving Your Car Stereo System

Do you want to dramatically improve the sound quality in your vehicle? Here are some tips to get you fast results.

  • Replace the factory speakers – Even if you got the premium stereo system upgrade with a new vehicle, the speakers will still never match up to the high-end ones that are available aftermarket.
  • Soundproof your car – You probably notice that the faster you drive, the harder it is to hear your music over the road noise. The secret is to use sound dampening material to keep road noise out and your stereo sound in.
  • Use custom-built housings – This is especially crucial for your subwoofer. But really, you don’t want any of your speakers rattling, so make sure you go to a custom car stereo installer.
  • Don’t just turn all the dials up to the max – Sometimes louder just means noise. No matter how high-quality your sound system is, it is never designed to be completely maxed out. You wouldn’t do this with your guitar amp, so why do it with your car stereo?
  • Use quality wiring – We’re not just talking about gauge. If the gauge is too low, the system just won’t work. We mean that you need to use the right frequency response, so all the highest and lowest tones coming from your head unit actually make it to the speakers.

The Best Custom Stereo Systems in San Diego

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