Shopping for Your New Car Stereo System Speakers

The fastest way to upgrade your car stereo system is to replace those boring old factory speakers with new ones. How can you get the sound you are looking for at the best price? Here are a few shopping tips:

  • Choose speakers with the right frequency response – Wattage isn’t everything in the world of speakers. You also need to think about frequency response. This is a range of sounds that the speakers are capable of reproducing. Without the right range, you will miss some of the high, low, or even middle tones (if all you get are subs and tweeters).
  • Think about power – Again, it’s not all about the wattage. If you don’t have enough power to run each speaker at full capacity, then you won’t get the optimal sound out of the speakers you end up purchasing. Therefore, you should be thinking about amps and power supplies as well. Even if you are buying your system in increments, just remember that you will get more from your speakers once they are properly powered.
  • Select an authorized distributor – This allows you to get real speakers as opposed to a cheap knockoff, and it ensures you have the full manufacturer warranty on your product in case something goes wrong.

An Authorized Distributor and Professional Installer of Speakers in Southern California

Soundiego wants to help you develop the car audio system of your dreams. It all starts with being an authorized retailer and continues with our experienced installation team. Call 619.582.5577 to learn more, or you can ask for a quote online.

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