Reasons to Have an In-Dash Touchscreen Installed

It’s common in newer vehicles, but if your car doesn’t have a touchscreen, this is an upgrade you may want to consider. What are some of the benefits? Here are a few:

  • Set up a camera for safe driving in reverse or parallel parking – Once you have an in-dash display, you can have a camera set up to add increased safety and convenience.
  • In-dash GPS capabilities – You can get rid of that stand that attaches to the dash that’s always popping off or dropping your phone. Whether you have a wired connection for your phone or have a Bluetooth connection installed, you can use apps like Apple Car Play or Android Auto to have the GPS display on your screen. This is safer than looking down at your phone because you don’t have to take your eyes off the road as long to check the screen.
  • Convenient and entertaining for passengers – If you are not using the display for other things, you passengers can use it to watch videos or to control the radio in a fast and intuitive manner.

These are just a few of the advantages of upgrading to a head unit with an in-dash display.

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