Quick Tips for a Better Car Audio System

Whether you are new to the world of car audio systems or you have been driving around in vehicles with enhanced stereo systems for years, these are a few quick tips that may help you with your next project.

  • The right speakers are more important than the number of speakers – If you just think putting 20 speakers in your car is going to improve the sound system, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. As with so many things in life, car audio is about quality, not quantity.
  • Cranking the amps up to 10 is a sure way to create distortion – Contrary to popular opinion, sometimes louder and better are not the same thing when it comes to music. Never sacrifice clarity for volume.
  • Make sure your speaker wire has the right frequency response range – People always check this on their speakers, so why not on their speaker wire?
  • Don’t worry about wire length – You can always hide extra speaker wire behind a panel. It won’t affect sound because the electricity moves too fast for you to notice a difference. Just make sure you have enough wire to connect everything properly.

Professional Car Audio Installation in San Diego

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