Getting the Most Thumping Bass for Your Car Stereo System

One of the key components of a new car audio system is the subwoofer. It is an instant way to alter the sound and improve a factory system. However, if you don’t do it right, you could be spending a ton of money on a sub that doesn’t perform the way that you intended. Here are a few tips to help you find the right subwoofer for your custom installation.

  • Consider the frequency response – The understanding is that the average person hears sounds extending down to about 20Hz. If that’s all you care about, then your sub can end at 20Hz on the lower side and it’s no big deal. However, you can feel sounds down to as low as 4Hz. So if you want your system to feel as good as it sounds, don’t be afraid to go outside of the range of human hearing.
  • Power supply – Subs draw a lot of power. Some have a built-in power source, but if the one you purchase does not, then you need to be sure there is a power supply that can handle the sub and the rest of your sound system.

Subwoofer Sales and Custom Installation in San Diego

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