Frequently Asked Questions About Speaker Wire

When you are thinking about a new car stereo system, the wiring is probably more of an afterthought when compared to the head unit or subwoofer. However, the details matter when you want great sound quality, so here are the answers to a few common questions.

Is It Always Better to Use Lower Gauge Wire?

Not necessarily. A lower gauge wire is thicker and can be used when a higher current is necessary. However, when you are dealing with a car stereo system, the wiring is never going far enough to require a very heavy gauge wire. The more important thing is that you use quality wiring, so the sound quality is clear.

How Many Watts Can My Existing Wires Handle?

Most car stereos are wired for 75 watts per channel. Thus, if you are upgrading your speakers, you need to upgrade the wiring as well. Remember that if your wiring can’t handle the wattage of your new speakers, you won’t get the full value of your investment.

Will Running Speaker Wires Too Close to The Power Wire Cause Interference?

Most installers try to avoid getting too close to the car’s power wire. However, if interference occurs, the problem is not the proximity of the wires but that they are not grounded properly. If all the wiring is grounded at the same point, there won’t be any impact on your music.

Have Your Car Stereo System Installed the Right Way

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